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Good for a grin

Posted by Thomas Nephew on July 20th, 2009

  • What We Really See: GOP Senators Question Sotomayor (Oliver Willis)

    >> …Now, I’m a-looking here at your papers and such and I see where you sez, that you’re a wise latin-a.
    >> Well actually Senator, that pull quote misrepresents the full context of what I was saying…
    >> Well I gotta say ma’am, I’m mighty unnerved. Powerful unnerved by the sen-ti-ments you got here on this paper.

    While the script is great, it’s the “Dukes of Hazzard” stills captioned by each line that elevates this to high art.

  • Similarly, What are we being asked during our confirmation hearings? (Brando, “Circle Jerk at the Square Dance”)

    12) Why do you hate white people?
    11) Let me elaborate: why do you hate white guys?
    10) Given that 106 white men have served on the Supreme Court, do you feel that you’re receiving preferential treatment?
    9) Related question: if Latinas are so wise, how come they have never served on the Supreme Court?
    4) If you were a tree, would you be the kind of tree that would let a white family build a house out of her?

    3) If you had a cat trapped in a tree, would you let a white firefighter get the cat out of the tree? Follow up question: what color is your cat?
    2) We noticed that you’re wearing a white cast on your ankle. Do you find plaster racist? What about white bones?
    1) Why are you so obsessed with race?

  • Caption contest:

    1) Oh the humanity
    2) Hit and bun
    3) I was dreaming that I was driving this big wienermobile into this little garage, and when I woke up I was.
    4) You should see the mayonnaise spill inside.

THE COMPLEAT “Good for a Grin” and “Heh !ndeed” posts
CREDITS where due: Brando, Wienermobile, and ‘hit and bun’ via Lori Learned Robinson, Goldman Sachs update via Steve Bremner, reassurance that futuristic military robots will not kill and eat me via Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

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