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Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq: candidate updates

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 16th, 2008

While the economy has taken center stage in the final weeks of the 2008 campaign, Iraq remains a critical issue as well — the war costs billions of dollars each month, and costs American and Iraqi lives, limbs, and health as well.

The “Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq” was developed by congressional candidates Darcy Burner, Donna Edwards, and others as a campaign platform and legislative agenda. For more on the plan — which seeks both to end the war in Iraq, and prevent failures like it in the future — follow the link and/or see my blog posts about it.  The plan calls for

  • Ending U.S. military action in Iraq
  • Using U.S. diplomatic power
  • Addressing humanitarian concerns
  • Restoring our Constitution
  • Restoring our military
  • Restoring independence to the media
  • Creating a new, U.S.-centered energy policy

…with specific legislative proposals for each goal.  Here’s a quick rundown on how some of the candidates who developed the plan are doing.

  • Donna Edwards (MD-04): an incumbent by now, and a prohibitive favorite — no Republican has received more than 25% of the vote in this district since 1994.
  • Eric Massa (NY-29): Up 51-44, (10/7/08, SurveyUSA)
  • Tom Perriello (VA-05): Down 42-55 (10/7/08, SurveyUSA); has gained 12 points in 2 months
  • Chellie Pingree (ME-01): Up 44-33 (10/2/08, PolitickerME);  22% undecided!
  • Jared Polis (CO-02): “heavy favorite” (9/10/08, PolitickerCO)
  • George Fearing (WA-04): can’t find recent poll information; debate on 10/16 attended by about 200 people (
  • Larry Byrnes (FL-14): out earlier this summer.
  • Stephen Harrison (NY-13): out in September primary (9/9/08,
  • Sam Bennett (PA-15): “Republican favored” (CQ Politics); recent mistake about the solvency of two banks in a televised debate was blurred and muted at Bennett’s request by the broadcasting TV station — probably not a good development.
  • Darcy Burner (WA-08): Up 49-44 (10/14/08, DCCC); had been down 44-54 (9/9/08, SUSA).

Obviously, all of them deserve our help and many are in close races. To help with a non-tax-deductible donation, go to the Responsible Plan ActBlue web site and give to any or all of them.

UPDATE, EDITS, 10/16; Bennett, Harrison, Fearing information updated.

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