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Finance, favors, and FISA

Posted by Thomas Nephew on July 9th, 2008

An American News Project report via Real News Network

The sums involved may seem paltry — but maybe that just proves how cheap a Congresscritter vote can be: “94 House Democrats who reversed their earlier position and voted in favor of immunity got an average of $8,359 from telecom PACs since 2005.” On the other hand, Senator Jay Rockefeller — who you’d think would be rich enough not to need it — got $51,500 this year alone. Guess it’s true — you don’t get rich by spending money. (Pretty wicked reporting of this in the video, watch for it around 1:40.)

2 Responses to “Finance, favors, and FISA”

  1. mick Says:

    John Barrow in Georgia’s 12th District, a DINO who has put a lot of time into getting FISA passed, as well as all the other bills Bush wants, got almost twice the average – $15K, from the telcoms, natch. He got it 2 days after he met with Steny Hoyer to tell him he was backing the bill.

    Ain’t timing a funny thing?

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Is he the one you mentioned who Obama was backing over the more progressive candidate? … yup. I.e., no change, and very hard to believe in.

    Question: the primaries in GA are over, so will Regina Thomas and John Barrow be opponents in November, or is there a separate primary election? I’m assuming the former; if so, I’m Barrow is the formal Democratic candidate, and Ms. Thomas is on the ballot as an independent, write-in, or …what?

    UPDATE: they’re both Democrats, and GA has a “general primary” on July 15; advance voting is already underway.

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