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Shameless commerce division

Posted by Thomas Nephew on November 28th, 2007

Here’s a list of books I’ve read (or am reading) that I can recommend; one of them might make a nice book for you, or maybe a nice gift for someone else this Christmas.

The list is heavy on current affairs, history, historical fiction, and science fiction. There’s nothing in the list that’s terribly eclectic — you’ll have seen most of these books at your local bookstores over the past ten years or so — but maybe one or the other item will be new to you. Links lead to Powell’s Books; if there is a great deal purchased this way, (1) I’ll be astonished, and (2) I’ll get a small commission on each purchase.

Looking for something in particular? Use this:

So that we’re all absolutely clear: I pledge to spend anything I make this way on some combination of cheap entertainment, girls, and of course more books.

PS: don’t use FedEx! American Rights at Work explains why.

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