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Oddly enough, "Ehrlich" means "honest"

Posted by Thomas Nephew on November 10th, 2006

(…in German). Via Steve Benen (“Carpetbagger”), a Philadelphia Daily News report (Ronnie Polaneczky) on the fake voter guides claiming Ehrlich and Steele were Democrats endorsed by real Democrats like Kweisi Mfume — and about the homeless Philly men asked to hand them out in PG County. Turns out a lot of the Philly men are mad about it, too:

“People started screaming, at us, ‘Do you think we’re that stupid? What are you trying to pull?’ ” said El-Bedawi. “I said, ‘I didn’t know it was a lie! I’m from Philly!’ And they said, ‘Then go back to Philly!’

When the voters left, he said, he was so shaken and angry, he tossed his remaining literature in the trash. On the bus back home that evening, he said, others were as upset as he was. They were told, “Don’t worry about it. People don’t care.”

“That’s some dirty, sneaky, underhanded stuff,” said El-Bedawi, shaking his head. “Voting is the most important thing we do. To mess with it is wrong.”

There’s some kind of “Trading Places” movie in this (how’d that end again? Oh, yeah.) Benen, who’s researching the Maryland Republican Party for a writing project (he’d better hurry while there’s still one left), points out that Ehrlich and Steele pulled a very similar stunt back in 2002.

Lest there be any confusion here that this was somebody else’s brainstorm: the Philly buses were reportedly met and greeted by Ehrlich’s wife Kendel, the glossy guides were paid for by the Ehrlich and Steele campaigns — and Ehrlich went on record with a “what’s all the fuss?” reaction.* And lest there still be any confusion that this is in the Republican DNA, past, present, and future: Michael Steele’s name is now being bandied about for either the RNC or a Bush cabinet position. I guess he would fit right in.

Final thought: smooth move, Wayne Curry. You and your genius pals took the side of a guy who tried to play Prince George’s County for a bunch of ignorant fools. Looks like you were the only ones who fell for it.

* “That’s what the Democrats have always done,” Ehrlich said. “It’s legal, and it’s what the Democrats have done forever. This is a story?” Maybe not. It’s not a chapter in the “Book of Virtues” either, that’s for sure.

2 Responses to “Oddly enough, "Ehrlich" means "honest"”

  1. anonymousgf Says:

    I have some friends who live down there in Maryland. They thought Steele was a good candidate. If these were normal times, they might even have voted for him.

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    He’s smooth, but in the service of a deceptive political stance. Personally, I wouldn’t say he’s good. I’m glad your friends didn’t vote for him, at any rate.

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