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Go Germany!

Posted by Thomas Nephew on June 30th, 2006

BBC SPORT | Football | World Cup 2006 | Live: Germany v Argentina:

1556 BST: Germany coach Jurgen Klinsmann seems relaxed and happy in the dug-out – and why not? Before the World Cup started, 86% of fans did not think Germany could win the World Cup. Now you would be hard-pressed to find a German who is not backing the side to the hilt. […]

1600 BST: Argentina get the game under way.

Jens Scholz predicts 4:2 for Germany. May it be so.

UPDATE, 1:45: Nice call, Jens! (Even if you didn’t mean just the penalty shootout.) And nice going, Jens! After 1:1 in double overtime, Argentina couldn’t convert two of its first four penalty kicks:

Germany 4-2 Argentina: Esteban Cambiasso sees his spot-kick saved. Germany are in the semi-final.

8 Responses to “Go Germany!”

  1. Jens Says:


  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    I ducked out and watched the tail end of the 2d half and part of the first overtime period at a sports bar near the office. Man, that was a pretty goal by Klose, and a great header pass to him by Borowski.

  3. Jens Says:

    Yes, it was really a well earned victory. The Argentinians really tried to stress the nerves of the referees with all that complaining and fake fouls (btw: whats a “Schwalbe” in english?)

  4. Brett Says:

    Does “Schwalbe” mean in this context sb. who takes a dive? I don’t think that we have a good term, but I like “Floppy Flopperson.” I guess you could say Floppy McFlopperson, too.
    I only saw the OT and the kicks, but thought props to the Germans on this one.

  5. Thomas Nephew Says:

    For everyone else, “Schwalbe” means “swallow” (the bird) — but in context it’s “taking a dive,” pretending you were fouled. When it happened, people at the bar would hold up two invisible cards — like judges at a diving competition.
    And as much as I like the country, get ready for a lot of that with the Italians, frankly, assuming they get by Ukraine.
    PS: I think everyone can guess what “JAAAAAAAAA!!!!” means. 🙂

  6. Thomas Nephew Says:

    PPS: Did Ballack really do his penalty kick right down the middle?

  7. Sven Says:

    only a little bit to the right. I think that’s because he faked his steps to the left.

  8. Thomas Nephew Says:

    A movement is born? Sven Scholz writes, “Wenn zum Italienspiel die deutschen Fans in Massen Schilder mitbringen mit Zahlen drauf, würde es nicht schön aussehen, wenn die gesamte Fankurve bei jeder Schwalbe A- und B-Noten hochhält?”
    Roughly: “If people brought along cards with numbers on them, wouldn’t it look nice if a whole row of fans held up two cards (degree of difficulty, technical merit) for every dive?”
    I would be (sob) so very, very proud.
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