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Save Paris Hilton’s tax cut! Not.

Posted by Thomas Nephew on September 15th, 2010

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Good point from CREDO:

There is very little that so clearly demonstrates the callous venality of some members of Congress than the simultaneous demand to give Paris Hilton a tax cut while pushing benefit cuts to Social Security.

They continue:

…President Obama has called for the Bush tax cuts that affect the richest 2% of Americans to expire. We need to have his back.

Tax cuts for economic elites aren’t free and they aren’t effective. The government still needs revenue and giving away money to millionaires (who on average would receive over $100,000 in tax cuts per year if all the Bush tax cuts are extended) takes away from the money we can spend to help the victims of this economic downturn.

It’s almost incredible all this needs to be said, but all too many Democrats, as usual, are running scared trying to avoid a fight they should win, and a fight they should be proud to win.

They should take on this fight because ending the Bush era tax cuts is one of the main ways to support a stable economy, infrastructure, and political system (and fix the deficit): the wealthiest among us pay progressively higher tax rates for a system within which they have flourished more than others. They’ll still be the wealthiest, and the system will function better for everyone. Including the wealthiest, unless they enjoy risking a declining nation and all that entails. (The other main way is reducing our military budget, ending our wars, and reducing our commitments/claims overseas.)

But if that doesn’t mean anything, wavering Dems might still consider it for simple reasons of self-preservation: less money for the superrich to play with may mean fewer, um, peculiar political candidates like Christine O’Donnell or Sharon Angle. (Notice how Rand Paul or Sarah Palin almost seem mainstream by comparison).

Now I can see why the Koch brothers, the O’Donnells, or the Angles of the world would like things to stay the way they’ve become. The Great Divergence — and its related developments: (a) the new “Citizens United”  rulebook allowing unlimited corporate spending on campaigns, (b) the great media noise machines like FOX, Rush, or Beck — is both cause and consequence of the super-rich getting super-richer, and their minions and allies getting attention and electoral successes they’d never achieve otherwise.

I just don’t see why the rest of us should welcome that. The super-rich are buying our country out from under us with campaign contributions, advertising, and astroturf movements (or heavily fertilized ones at any rate). They’re turning it into a country with a government ever more openly by, for, and of the wealthy few.

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