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Pact with the devil? Hmm.

Posted by Thomas Nephew on January 16th, 2010

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My “favorite” part of the infamous Pat Robertson outburst on the terrible earthquake in Haiti was what’s her name next to him — pact with the devil!? how’m I supposed to react to that!? umm… disapproving little “hmm”, little concerned frown.

Her reaction wasn’t “oh my gosh a PACT with SATAN? we’ve got to DO something.” It was more like she she’d just heard from Heather that the Haitians hang out with the wrong crowd at her high school — so they should DIE.

And she half agrees, but she also half thinks maybe people are right and she’s teamed up with a nut.  But a nut who pays her salary. So: “hmm.”

= = =

Enough about Elmer Gantry and his sidekick.  We’ve given a couple hundred for Haiti now, I hope you’ll dig as deep as you can.  Lots of good groups out there, but one that keeps coming up is Partners in Health; see, for example, an op-ed in Thursday’s New York Times by Tracy Kidder (“Strength in What Remains”) mentioning them.  Also good, of course: Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, and others.

One Response to “Pact with the devil? Hmm.”

  1. Maddie Says:

    Pat Robertson is a nutjob.

    Good post (: Thanks for the op-ed link.

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