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New layout

Posted by Thomas Nephew on July 13th, 2008

Comments welcome.

Among the things I like: three columns, fluid adjustment (that is, the text adjusts as the browser window is resized), easier-to-recognize links, less wasted space. Also, that the color scheme echoes the original blue and gray, and that the line spacing is better (in my opinion), less wasted space there. I might have eventually accomplished some of this on my own without using a whole new “theme”, but not the three column part, at least not for a long while. I’ll tinker with this setup (“theme”) now, but hope not to switch again.

11 Responses to “New layout”

  1. Nell Says:

    It’s nice; I like three columns, too.

    Any simple way to make the blue less aqua and more true blue?

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks! I think I need to fix the spacing in the comments. And the text size is a little small, may dial that up a bit.

    Re different blue: maybe. This template is unusual in that there are a bunch of color .css files, with the style .css file presumably calling the blue one right now. So I could swap this over to green or black or purple. Hadn’t looked at any of the documents involved, I assume there’s a color setting I could edit in “blue.css”, globally replace “b0ffff” with “c0b1b2” or something. The banner is likely a single image file that I’d need to modify or replace.

  3. eRobin Says:

    I hate it. I miss the green. I hate the blue. I hate three columns – dangerously close to FIVE columns and we all know what that means.

    I’m kidding. I like this a lot. The blue is very easy to read and reminds me of the original place. In fact, I had to double check to be sure I wasn’t there when I clicked over. My brain was waiting for the green. I think three columns make the most sense almost every time on blogs although I only have two at mine. I love the word cloud and the archive set-up on the left – very cool. I like the description: a citizen’s journal. I do miss the photo you had in the upper right at the old place.

  4. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Whew! You had me going there for a second. BTW, I switched to a “blue2” color choice from the aqua “blue” Nell was talking about. I’ll try to get the photo rotation in sometime soon; there may be “widgets” or “plugins” for that, too.

  5. eRobin Says:

    Hooray! The photos are back. I have to get me that Responsible Plan link – love it.

  6. Thomas Nephew Says:

    It’s the responsible thing to do.

  7. Nell Says:

    Oh, mejor! A much more appealing blue, and the blue and grey echoes the original site. And the photo’s back. Huzzah!

  8. Maddie Says:

    Macho, man, i mean Daddy! The old green was nice, but this shows how…political your sight is! I totally support your move!

  9. mick Says:

    Ditto. Very nice clean job, very easy to read now, and it echoes the old look (which I know you wanted to do tho I personally need a radical change every few years so nothing looks like anything I did before but I’m, you know, not normal and there are certain disabilities one has to learn to live with).

    Glad to have you fully and completely back!

  10. Nell Says:

    OT: I hadn’t visited Steve Clemons’ blog for a long time, and several of the posts reminded me why, but the hourlong video of Jane Mayer’s appearance at the New America Foundation with him is outstanding. Almost half is Q&A with the audience, whose questions are of exceptionally high quality (for the most part, they’re pros in relevant fields). How high? So high that even the last question, from the LaRouche EIR, is intelligent.

    The vid’s on the C-SPAN site, too, but I haven’t looked it up.

  11. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks all! Maddie, shouldn’t you be working on your “slavery in ancient worlds” radio show? 🙂

    Mick’s right — time to actually start back in on contributing some text to the blogosphere, not just tinkering with the site. But radio shows, travel plans, and work may all conspire to keep things quieter than I feel.

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