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Welcome to the new place

Posted by Thomas Nephew on June 14th, 2008

Well, it’s not what I expected either. The “lime green plus water drops” template is off the shelf; of the choices I looked at, it seemed to do the least violence to some of my, um, nonstandard layout choices in the old blog. The colors and images may change — paler or back to white, maybe a different image graphic in the longer run. Since I rather liked my little photo and PSA ad rotation thingies, I’ll install them or something like them down the road.

First, though, I’ll fiddle with dialing up the font size — everybody’s main request a while back was to keep the font size about where I had it. But I’m at the bottom of both WordPress and CSS learning curves, so it may be a while, and I didn’t want to wait around much more.

I spent most of my time figuring out how to move the comments over to this system, or rather, finding the right advice, deciding I might be able to do it, and then making it work while our wireless system kept fritzing out for some reason.

I intend for this to be a more integrated blog/news/causes site, using the “pages” (tabs like “selected posts” along the top) for some of that kind of thing. Don’t really have a model in mind, so the site may get reorganized a few times in that respect too before that settles down.

But enough blog navel gazing; I mainly want to slowly get back to writing a bit about the news and issues I care about. So that’s what I’ll do.

9 Responses to “Welcome to the new place”

  1. WorldWideWeber Says:

    I think it looks purty.

    And congratulations on getting your old comments imported.

    You probably have Akismet installed, but you might consider adding another layer of antispam protection. There’s a nice WordPress plug-in for visual validation (Peter’s random antispam).

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks! Re comments at the prior post, I’ve “degreened it” a bit over the weekend. While I’ve figured out how to increase the font size, I kind of like the smaller font compared to larger ones — though I’m seeing that effect is computer-dependent, which surprised me a bit (the old blog looked the same everywhere). I’ve seen some places with “Bigger font/smaller font” buttons, I’d install that near the top of the page if/when I figure out where to grab the code involved, and how to properly install it.

    Still feeling unaccountably unready to actually, you know, write anything. The new format kind of keeps nagging me to fix this, fix that. Want a “next post, prior post” thing, for example.

  3. Nell Says:

    Congratulations on the move! It’s especially impressive that you got here without blowing up or orphaning the comments.

    It loads quickly, too.

    But I miss the blue and grey, and the chunkiness of that font. I’m bad with change.

  4. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks, Nell. I was prepared to just bring the Haloscan stuff over and disable this comments system, but was pleased not to have to, this is more integrated. I’ve lost comments before, and I wasn’t going to again. I wonder if I can import the very old comments I still have as an XML file… but I’d be worried about bollixing up the ones I’ve got, running that system was a very “black box” exercise for me. Meanwhile, wish this system had a “preview” option… maybe it does…

    Glad to hear it loads quickly, I know that was an issue with the old site. Yeah, I’m kind of bad with change, too. Maybe I’ll change the color scheme, maybe to lighter versions of the same colors as before, or maybe at least with darker link colors here; that light green doesn’t show up well even (“even”) against white, though I think links shows up a little better now than against the “key lime pie green” from before. Anyhow.

  5. Avedon Says:

    I gotta say I preferred the old colors, too, but right now it looks reasonably clean, at least. I left a useful link for a color chart in the comments for the previous post due to the fact that I’m an idiot and clicked the wrong link.

  6. mick Says:

    Yeah, so did I. The comments link is at the top of the post instead of the bottom, which is what we’re all used to.

    But never mind. We got ‘er now. (It’s still too green, tho, and too light. Not enough difference between the shades. Some dark green somewhere, for contrast, would help.) I have no problem with the font and I’m half blind. I also think it looks cleaner tho miss the pictures of the newsrack and you because I could never tell them apart.;)

  7. Ray Bennett Says:

    Hi Thomas, as promised…eagerly awaiting your post…all the best, Ray

  8. Thomas Nephew Says:

    could never tell them apart.;)
    I was the smolderingly handsome one, it was the rectangular one loaded with magazines. 🙂

  9. RobertNAtl Says:

    If you want a simple way to add a layer of antispam protection, you might consider just re-routing all of the flux capacitor controls through the main deflector shields directly to engineering, and then having Geordi manually install a Dyson Holoplex directly into the chronometer.

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