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Memory almost full

Posted by Thomas Nephew on May 31st, 2008

(Self-updating listing of my “” links)

This blog is parked at an ISP home page site granting about 16MB of space. After about six and half years(!) of blogging, that space is almost full; you might say newsrack blog is approaching the “one more wafer” stage. I’ve been moving images (they really are worth a thousand words!) and various documents over to Photobucket and Google Docs, but soon that won’t do the trick either.

So (while I’ve said it before) expect a move to a new host in the nearish future, other higher priority chores permitting. I’ll redate this post to the front page as I undertake that transition, and will eventually add a link to the blog’s new location. That blog will probably be remodeled a bit; I’ll take suggestions again here, and will bear in mind the ones people have made in the past.

[orig. date 4/7]

17 Responses to “Memory almost full”

  1. eRobin Says:

    Wow! This is exciting. I can’t wait to see the new place.

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Between work and home life on the one hand, and planning it out on the other, it won’t happen any time really soon. Sometime in May, maybe.

  3. mick Says:

    16 mgs is teeny. You need more. For films and stuff.

  4. Thomas Nephew Says:

    It is a little small. But I got used to it; as the post implies, what’s on the site is nearly all text now. I don’t do films, at least not yet. Plus you can park them at Google or Youtube, just like you can park photos and images at Flickr or Photobucket, and source documents at Google Docs/Spreadsheets.
    But now I’m to where I deleted 10 7K images from my web storage, and moved them to Photobucket. That’s tedious, and now I have to relink to them. (Well, I don’t have to, but I hate leaving “broken image link” spots lying around.) That leaves room for 2-3 weeks of posts at my lethargic rate of blogging.

  5. eRobin Says:

    ohmygawd what is taking so long????? how hard can this be? your new place better be the best website I’ve ever seen.
    no pressure!
    eR 😉

  6. Thomas Nephew Says:

    awright awright awright 🙂

  7. eRobin Says:

    I love the comment link up top. Love the little calendar page for the date. Love the banner. Love the open, clean feel of the site. Don’t love the green but only b/c it’s hard for me to read. It’s too yellow or something for my eyes.

    Congrats on the successful move!!

  8. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks! Yeah, the various green on greens are esp. hard to pick out — for instance, right here in the comments while typing them.

    Like I said in the announcement at the good old place, I’ll be working on improving this — the font size is too small (though Foxfire can help you magnify it: View/Text Size/Increase or Ctrl-“+”).

    I’m particularly happy about getting the old comments moved over and integrated with the site. I was lucky to find the perfect advice blog post plus downloadable tools for it — lo and behold, it worked. Though my connectivity problems at home were no help — lots of wireless c**pping out in the middle of uploads and downloads, quite annoying. Don’t know what’s up with that exactly.

  9. Gary Farber Says:

    Congrats. I’ve changed my blogrolling entry for you to the new site, but it doesn’t seem to be updating tonight, for some reason. But I’ve Taken Note. 🙂

    I’d urge you to include a prominent sidebar or topside link to your old site, and all its great content.

  10. Gary Farber Says:

    Never mind; I hadn’t noticed that you’d apparently gotten your archives moved.

    Still, isn’t nostalgia worth something? 🙂

  11. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks Gary! I appreciate that you noticed, and that you’re updating your blogroll instead of pruning it.

    Yeah, there was no way I was going to leave all that stuff behind — I’ll be pulling the plug on pretty soon. You’re comments make me think I ought to label that “selected posts” tab “archives” and move all that stuff there too, pretty much like at my old blog.

  12. Gary Farber Says:

    “green on greens”

    Light colored text is a dreadful idea, and same-color on same-color is even worse. No offense, these are just basics of graphic design I picked up when studying fanzine layout at age 15.

    Text should pretty much always be black, unless there’s an incredibly good reason not to, and on a light background.

    Contrast exists for a reason. And to my eye, this green isn’t something you should be using for anything regularly: it’s far too light to be palatable to most people’s eye.

    But don’t take my word for it; talk to any good graphic designer, or look at any good web page on graphic design choices, I suggest.

    Generally speaking, avoid looking like you’re using neon, or crayon, I suggest.

  13. Gary Farber Says:

    Sorry, you’re not using same color on same color; my fevered eye (no a/c) made me fill in the white as green-tinged; my apologies.

  14. Thomas Nephew Says:

    No, I think it’s a faint green background too. This post is a little misleading though, design-wise, because it has a lot of the green-colored links at the top (the “delicious” feed). I’ll see whether a plain white background improves the contrast enough.

  15. Avedon Says:

    Ah, that’s a relief – a URL I can remember and just type into the address bar when I have a whim to read Newsrack.

    It shouldn’t be hard to go find the color code and change it to something else – the Acme colormap may help.

  16. mick Says:

    OK so it’s not perfect yet. The green is, like, there’s sooooo too much of it. But you’re back writing and that’s what counts. Yay! The site will grow and evolve and refine itself and before you know it be out taking over the world, which could do much worse. And has.

    Which is all, of course, an excuse to pimp my new blog, The Bush/Cheney Impeachment Papers. And hassle you again about contributing. I know you’ve been busy, the site proves that, but, you know what? You probably need a break from all that technical shit. Git yer brain workin agin. Eh?

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