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Next stupid wingnut trick: phony 12 year olds

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 9th, 2007

Right Wing Launches Baseless Smear Campaign Against 12 Year Old Recipient Of SCHIP
(Think Progress)

I despise these people. John Cole (“Balloon Juice”)– who doesn’t even support SCHIP, by the way — notes that Michelle Malkin actually did a little drive-by investigation to dress up her baseless claim that the Frosts are too rich to deserve CHIP support. The state of Maryland disagrees, but why let that get in the way of a nice little Swift Boating.

eRobin (“fact-esque”) does support SCHIP, and backs it up with background and arguments here. You’ll learn something, e.g. why allegedly shocking “crowdout” numbers are misleading (they include families predicted to cycle back from uninsured to privately insured status at some point within several months — not a very useful measure if you’re concerned with uninsured people who need health insurance right now.) Excerpts from eRobin’s “why you should care despite numbers fatigue” part:

Your soul should stir when you realize that this SCHIP fight is the most naked and aggressive salvo in the American Class War that we’ve ever seen. […]

…this fight to overturn BushCo’s veto of a compromise bill that helps the poor and middle class is at least as important as the fight to stop the dismantling of Social Security. That’s true not only because of the number of families the compromise SCHIP bill will help but also because the right is so willing to pin a lot of their Class War hopes on it.

OK; I’m sold. I was anyway, now I really am. I just wish this didn’t seem to be the entire Pelosi agenda — a heavily compromised, incremental program that still may not survive a Bush veto, yet so crucial that it apparently justified taking the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment off the table. Think carrot dangled before a starving donkey — as rider and beast head off a cliff.

But SCHIP is a good thing — a good carrot, for a hungry donkey — and it deserves support. If you can’t tell any other way, you can tell by the quality of opposition like Malkin, Steyn, Reynolds, et al. No doubt Rush Limbaugh, too, soon enough … bing.

NOTES: “apparently justified”: Pelosi’s remarks at a “Maria Leavey Breakfast” series event in late July. See Pelosi’s response to a question about bill for Alberto Gonzales’ impeachment — she put her hands to her temples, the poor thing — and other comments about the allegedly hard line Democrats were going to take about encroachments on FISA by the Bush administration. Harold Meyerson was pleased, though, so it must have been all right. Via “Pelosi’s Choice,” this blog.
UPDATE, EDIT, 10/9: parenthetical rewritten (“within several months”, “not a very useful measure” added) for clarity, “bing” for the oxycontin addict smear artist weighing in.
UPDATE, 10/10: See also hilzoy (“Obsidian Wings”) and AJStrata (“Stratasphere”); the former takes apart the smear, the latter reflects on what those smears — and later on, whines about pushback — say about Malkin et al.

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