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Posted by Thomas Nephew on August 7th, 2007

I mean it. Please discuss. I’m pretty blue about this, so I may say things I’d regret later on — say in September/October 2008. But maybe that’s the problem. Meanwhile: Military Commissions Act; Iraq supplemental; now this. In or out: Dems cave — White House applauds. Like I say, please discuss, in whatever tone you like.

Some pertinent links:

NOTE: image by Jason Zanon ( “Democracy in Action”). Via Jonathan Schwarz (“A Tiny Revolution”)
UPDATE, 8/7: Lots of very worthwhile discussion! See also posts by discussants about this, including ones by eRobin, altHippo , and the Talking Dog on their blogs, as well as one from last week by Nell Lancaster (nice title — “Profiles in learned helplessness”). See also recent posts by commenter Mick Arran suggesting it’s not cowardice or miscalculation — (some) Democrats want those authoritarian powers for themselves, and are willing to buck contrary election results (where Dems prevailed “despite” voting for civil liberties) to get them. The hypothesis can’t be dismissed out of hand — please re-review the diagram above. Arran’s latter post reanalyzes facts and arguments presented in a couple of posts by Glenn Greenwald — Democrats’ responsibility for Bush Radicalism, and Attention Democrats: GOP fear mongering does not work. Unless you’re in Congress, that is. Elsewhere, fellow Marylander Stephanie Dray is disappointed with Senator Mikulski — “she didn’t have to vote this way.”

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