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If that’s partisan… which party is Joe?

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 31st, 2006

The Lieberman Senate campaign accuses the New York Times of a “clear partisan agenda” — for its endorsement of Ned Lamont. (Via Lindsay Beyerstein and a commenter.)

Publius (“Legal Fiction”) may or may not be right that Democratic Party leaders are just rationally hedging their bets by not getting behind Lamont at this point, and that Lamont may have blown it by taking it too easy after his primary win.

But they should be aware what they’re letting themselves in for; Lieberman will be the new American Heritage Dictionary illustration of “Democrat in Name Only,” a guy who can’t even decide whether Democrats retaking the House of Representatives is a good thing. He’ll be the kind of poisonous ally you have to watch more closely than you do your enemies; even if he gets his seniority back, I think he’s likely to switch parties at the drop of a hat.

And they should count the cost — both in Connecticut and beyond — of stiffing Connecticut Democrats who voted for Lamont in the primary election. It may be realpolitik, but it’s not solidarity with or respect for their own rank and file, and that should cost them down the road. If Lamont wins despite everything, he won’t owe them a thing; in fact, he might do himself some good by pointing that out ahead of time.

UPDATE, 10/31: Via Steve Benen, a case in point: Lieberman gets campaign help from Susan Collins (R-ME) — who would be chair of the Homeland Security committee he vice-chairs. What kind of opposition will he put up?

3 Responses to “If that’s partisan… which party is Joe?”

  1. Bill Day Says:

    How depressing, how true.

  2. Nell Says:

    Which party is Joe?
    The party of Joe. (Also for and by Joe, though with a lot of Republican help in that ‘by’ part).

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