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"They should have thought of that during the primary"

Posted by Thomas Nephew on August 31st, 2006

Yesterday, Steve Benen (“The Carpetbagger”) took note of Lieberman’s nonchalant response to questions about the political effects of his independent run for Senate, not just on Lamont, but on the rest of the Connecticut Democratic ticket as well.

Actually, “nonchalant” isn’t quite the word I’m looking for. From a Connecticut FOX news station report (“The Lieberman effect“):

FOX: You think he’s actually going to motivate Republicans to come out and vote against Democrats?
Michael O’Brien (SEIU): Absolutely.

[Cut to Lieberman]

Lieberman: Pfft (chuckle). Guess I should say (chuckle) they should have thought of that during the primary, but here we are.

No, the hell with you, Joe, those are the words I’m looking for. As Benen adds:

As recently as last week, Lieberman reiterated his belief that he’s a “committed Democrat.” But confronted with the idea that he may single-handedly keep Dems from taking back the House, he literally laughs and blames Dem voters for the problem. It’s not a particularly subtle message — Lieberman’s telling Connecticut Dems, “You backed the other guy, and this is my payback.”

Fair enough. I see the error of my ways, and I’ve even figured a great new slogan for the Lieberman campaign:

Joe, Joe, he’s our man
If he can’t scr*w us no one can

2 Responses to “"They should have thought of that during the primary"”

  1. anonymousgf Says:

    Sore Loserman!
    Can that kind of comment possibly be his undoing?

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    One would wish, but of course he’s +/- waved good bye anyway to most of the people that will really tick off. I’d just tell his new fans “caveat emptor.”

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