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Trust me, this’ll bring ’em around

Posted by Thomas Nephew on February 23rd, 2006

When Trust is Gone (Daniel Froomkin, — With President Bush’s credibility damaged and his political clout eroded, maybe it was just a matter of time before “trust me” didn’t hack it anymore — even with his most loyal supporters in Congress.

Bush Threatens Veto Against Bid To Stop Port Deal (Jim Vandehei, Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post) — Facing a sharp bipartisan backlash, Bush took the unusual step of summoning reporters to the front of Air Force One to condemn efforts to block a firm from the United Arab Emirates from purchasing the rights to manage ports that include those in New York and New Orleans.

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe (Charles Babington, Washington Post)— [Senators] Hagel and Snowe declined interview requests after the meeting, but sources close to them say they bridle at suggestions that they buckled under administration heat. The White House must engage “in good-faith negotiations” with Congress, Snowe said in a statement.

Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, David Sanger, New York Times) The administration opened negotiations with Congress last week, but it is far from clear whether Mr. Bush will be able to fend off calls from Democrats and some Republicans for increased oversight of the eavesdropping program, which is run by the National Security Agency.

The latest Republican to join the growing chorus of those seeking oversight is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Graham, a former military prosecutor whose opinion on national security commands respect in the Senate, said he believed there was now a “bipartisan consensus” to have broader Congressional and judicial review of the program.

Looks like it’s time for some hunting trips with Dick, if you know what I mean.

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