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Hear, hear, Hunter

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 2nd, 2005

GOP conventioneer, 2004Some fool at Blogs for Bush DeLay:

I really do urge our Democrats to step back from the edge – you are sitting in a lake of gasoline and you are playing with fire. We on our side will only put up with so much before we start to pay back with usury what we have received.

Ooooooooo. Scary! Hunter, at Daily Kos:

Step back from the edge? You poor boy, asleep in the back of the car the whole trip, finally waking up and wondering where you’re at.

Swift boats. Aluminum tubes. Niger uranium. ‘Mushroom clouds’. Whitewater.

Vince Fucking Foster.

You can’t even see the edge from here. You left it behind a hundred miles back.

So don’t give me chest-thumping crap about civil wars, if your politicians are indicted. Don’t give me visions of a lake of fire, if all those who find you loathsome refuse to suck at your teats of scientific ignorance in the name of religion, racism in the name of freedom, and corruption in the name of the New World Order.

Get used to the world you have created, and the stench your worshipped heroes have unleashed.

Via digby. Let me add: Texas redistricting — and hunting for the Texas assemblymen who tried to stop it with the FAA. The 2000 election. “Nope. No weapons over there” (More laughter). This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. This. And above all, this.

If you still support DeLay (or frankly, if you ever did), if you’re shilling for the Republican leadership, then I say you’re for criminals, for a criminal “any thing goes” ideology, and a party of criminals — the POC — who wouldn’t know a democracy or a human right or an honorable impulse if it walked up and introduced itself by name. Whether DeLay is ever convicted or not. Whether his ilk in Congress or around the country ever run afoul of prosecutors themselves or not. You either have nothing to do with them, or you’re covering for them. You’re either for them or against them.

Commie hippie sheriff’s deputy Texas grand jury foreman William Gibson:

I like his aggressiveness and everything, and I had nothing against the House majority man, but I felt that we had enough evidence, not only me, but the other grand jury members.

DeLay guy: I say your kind of party is sitting in that lake. And I hope a couple of matches are about to get lit.

UPDATE, 10/3: The fool wins the coveted Poor Man “Wanker of the Week” award.

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