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If that’s not incompetence, what is it?

Posted by Thomas Nephew on September 12th, 2005

Gary Farber forwards a map of the Louisiana parishes included in George W. Bush’s August 27th state of emergency declaration. I trust you’ll see the problem.

Is there a possibility this might have slowed down FEMA? “No authority, not one of the parishes.” Back to pinochle.

(Map and title by Bob Harris.)

UPDATE, 9/14: Mrs. Coulter comments that the parishes in South Louisiana were “already under a state of emergency related to damage from Tropical Storm Cindy (declared on Aug 23).” (link)
UPDATE, 9/15: Hold on. The parishes involved in the August 23 declaration were only a small part of South Louisiana. As Bob Harris observes (in an update to the same post), “Only five coastal parishes — Jefferson, Lafourche, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and St. Charles — seem to be covered here, and only on a limited basis at that.” In particular, Orleans Parish (New Orleans), St. Tammany Parish (north of Lake Pontchartrain) and several other parishes were apparently never covered by a federal state of emergency declaration before Katrina hit . I’m still unclear what effect this may have had on relief operations.

3 Responses to “If that’s not incompetence, what is it?”

  1. Mrs. Coulter Says:

    As I understand it, the parishes of south LA were already under a state of emergency related to damage from Tropical Storm Cindy (declared on Aug 23).

  2. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Thanks, that seems to explain it. I would think no one but me would focus on the ‘damaged by Tropical Storm Cindy’ part.

  3. Mrs. Coulter Says:

    Doh…as you point out, that declaration doesn’t include Orleans parish (i.e., the city of New Orleans), among others. I retreat back into my position of really not getting it.

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