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Just the news we all needed

Posted by Thomas Nephew on September 4th, 2005

— another Supreme Court vacancy. Gary Farber and others forward reports that Chief Justice Rehnquist has died. R.I.P. Well, both he and O’Connor voted for the majority in Bush v. Gore, so really stupid, disgraceful 6-3 or worse decisions may remain out of reach for now.

Somewhere, Mike Brown is thinking, “I might be the luckiest college roommate ever, after all.”

Somewhere else, Bush is thinking, “I might be the luckiest president ever, after all.”

Should a certifiable public screwup like him get to make a decision like this? No. Too bad for us. I wonder if all that vaunted new press rebelliousness will carry over to scrutininzing his Supreme Court choice(s). Nah.

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