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Tsunami satellite images

Posted by Thomas Nephew on January 3rd, 2005

NASA’s Earth Observatory service is publishing a series of satellite images about the background and impact of the Christmas Indian Ocean tsunamis. The image at right shows the all but biblical scope of the disaster in the city of Lhoknga, Indonesia; click through for a photo comparison before the tsunami struck.

Other images:

You can help with donations to Oxfam and the ICRC among others.


UPDATE, 1/17: “Tsunami damage in Thailand” link added.

NOTE, 1/17: If tax-deductibility is important to you, look for American charities or American branches of international charities. Also, Congress has passed legislation that such donations for tsunami relief are deductible from 2004 tax returns through the end of January.

UPDATE, 1/24: “Satellite,” “Breaking waves,” and 2d “northwest Sumatra” links added.

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