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On fascism

Posted by Thomas Nephew on December 10th, 2004

Nicely put by Jim Henley:

Fascism doesn’t just want ‘the people’ to shut up and do what you’re told. Fascism wants ‘the people’ to get into it, to ‘shut up and do what you’re told’ at the top of their lungs. Fascism is also about energizing the base against enemies, internal and/or external, and using the violence of the State to shut the labelled enemies the hell up. […]

…[T]he Dixie Chick brouhaha is a useful example. The Dixie Chicks were not ‘censored.’ They were not arrested, denied work or killed by the government. But the freelance demonization campaign against them was nevertheless a fascist impulse in action.

He loses me elsewhere in the post, to be sure, by calling rescuing a kidnap victim “state violence,” but I’m told not everyone agrees with me about that incident.

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