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Strange bedfellows

[1] …for George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld: the Anti-German Communist Women of Berlin [1] say “No Peace for Saddam! Fight Old Europe!” They thus might well qualify as the revolutionary vanguard of the, umm, fledgling pro-liberation rally [2] phenomenon. Here’s some stuff from their web page [3]:

All of Germany is for peace … It’s not just for the love of poison-gas-uncle Saddam … it’s a hardly curbed hatred of the USA, but not for the things that make it … as hateful as every other bourgeois [buergerlich] country, but because of things that this country has never really learned to like: the cult of individualism, actions based on rational (e.g., economic) interests, the instrumental relation to politics and the state. […]

…Germans have had little sympathy for Iraqis besides Saddam, otherwise they’d have realized that the population isn’t just suffering from the embargo, one that, by the way, was demanded by peace activists demonstrating in 1991. And what should one think of people who, on the occasion of the 9/11 massacres didn’t have anything better to do than point out how tiny the number of victims was compared to those dying daily from hunger around the world, and who now announce they will mourn every death? Of people whose every anti-war activity seems to turn into anti-semitic manifestations like the “attac” action in January, and who just say “your own fault” spitefully to Israeli victims of suicide attacks? Their peace is just a different war: one against the USA and, as long as that one looks hopeless, one against Israel.

Demonstration against the German peace movement

Saturday, February 15, 2003
12:00 noon
at U-/S-Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz

Berlin alliance against IG Farben

Thanks, I guess. These days, a mild reproof like “…as hateful as every other bourgeois country” kind of chokes me up. They understand! We’re not so bad, really! And the rest, why, it’s arguably fairly moderate warblogger fare; we should really all get together soon.

I suppose it’s just possible that this could be an elaborate hoax, but I don’t think so; the language and details seem authentic. Also, I have a feeling we may be looking at all or most of the “Anti-German Communist Women of Berlin” in that photo. The IG Farben allusion* and much of the text I spared you above shows where they’re coming from: prolix Marxist writing style; confronting fading memories of the Nazi era; a philosemitism that’s just so last century; requisite contrarian mind-set. Naturally, I found myself agreeing with most of what they wrote. Another one of those “only in Germany” moments, I think. God bless ’em! 🙂

I ran across the “Anti-German Communist Women” via a comment [4] about them in the comparatively comfortable-mainstream German blog “hirn&verbrannt.” [5]. Thanks, “MH”!

(PS: Hey, wait a minute, I guess I’m a Bush/Rumsfeld bedfellow now too… eww…. how about “roommate”? — I’ll sleep on the chair over there…)

* IG Farben was a Nazi-era German chemical company notorious for manufacturing the gas “Zyklon-B” for the extermination camps.