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Oh, what a feeling…

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 25th, 2002

…ballistics match.

I saw the briefing at a cafe near Dupont Circle where Maddie and I had some dinner after picking her up from daycare and a trip to a museum. Moose did some kind of Oscars thank you routine, and finally Mr. Ballistics from ATF spoke the words I’d been waiting to hear.

I feel good! Like I knew that I would. It really is like a weight lifted off of us; we had started to rethink out how to do morning and evening Maddie pickups, parent dropoffs, had started to hate loitering around on Metro platforms, walking across open plazas to work, pumping gas. I hope we can shelve all that now.

Sadness remains, for the victims and their families and friends. A fund has been set up to help them out, I’ll be making a donation, here’s information how; I’m happy to say the site itself appears to be overloaded just now.

Not to beat myself up about this, but a lot of people have been through worse and are going through worse than what the DC area underwent, even narrowed down to the “sudden random recurring death” department of terror; Sarajevo once upon a time, Israel now, arguably many crime-ridden neighborhoods throughout the U.S. for the last many years. It’s hard to take.

For the record, who cares

In the most inconsequential news of the day, I seem to have been wrong about everything I speculated about the sniper(s); no harm done, I assume, but it just goes to show … me. Regardless, they were mainly murderous a**holes. May they rot in jail for the rest of their days.

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