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Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 21st, 2002

For non-Wired readers, I’m one of those non-experts Mr. Shachtman refers to in his piece, “Who is the Sniper? The blogs tell all.” As a convenience for Wired readers, the correct links to my two sniper related comments are:

  • 10/11: Sniper speculation update
  • 10/3: Five-murder shooting spree in Montgomery County

    The link Mr. Shachtman apparently intended to provide, but inserted a space in (racist nut, incorrect link), is actually not about the sniper per se, but about the gun control debate: “Kicking the can down the road.” As it worked out, it more or less pointed to the 10/11 piece above. More on Mr. Shachtman’s article later, maybe; suffice it to say I usually find Jim Henley’s blog sniper news roundups more illuminating than the New York Times’ or Washington Post’s.

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