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Google hit parade

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 9th, 2002

More strange searches that have turned up “newsrack” lately:

  • overthrow Montgomery County: right on! A revolutionary for our times: what with driving the kids to day care, work and all, who’s got time for more overthrowing than that?
  • evil ape shirt with UN logo: sold out.
  • “old guard” audit behavior: “Will you be wanting your back rub tonight, Mr. Skilling?”
  • rent a donkey in iraq: Osama alive after all? George Tenet planning undercover ops?
  • arabian cell phone ring tone: no idea, sorry. Probably not the opening bars of the Star Spangled Banner. Tell you what: call Wyche Fowler, he probably has a Pavlovian drool response to it by now.
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