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Five-murder shooting spree in Montgomery County

Posted by Thomas Nephew on October 4th, 2002

Fellow Montgomery County citizen Jim Henley noticed the same thing I did: no white males among the 5 victims, at least according to WTOP:

Race also did not appear to be a motive, noting the victims included a black male, a Hispanic male, a Hispanic female and a white female, Demme said.

Huh? Looks like race could easily have been a motive with that list of victims. Plus, as Henley notes, the 5th victim was of Indian origin. On the other hand, the Baltimore Sun has a different breakdown of victims:

Race did not appear to be a motive, police said, noting that the victims were two white men, a man from India, a Hispanic woman and a white woman.


UPDATE, 10/4, 10am: The Washington Post published a breakdown matching the Sun’s list, not WTOP’s, although the particular story (“I’m just so devastated…”) with the table is not on-line at this time. So the following part of last night’s post is likely to be irrelevant.


A possibly relevant additional bit of data, more so if the WTOP account proves accurate: today is “Day of German Unity,” the day officially commemorating the reunification of Germany in 1990. The date has unfortunately also been abused by neo-Nazi types in Germany as “their day.”* However, I’ve found no evidence yet of similar neo-Nazi goings-on in the US on October 3. Still, in case it helps, I phoned in the idea.


* Google search for “antifaschisten and “tag der deutschen einheit” (antifascists and “day of german unity”): yields numerous accounts of confrontations with neo-Nazis on October 3 in Germany. So it’s clearly a big day for them over there — but not necessarily over here.

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