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Posted by Thomas Nephew on January 16th, 2002

Dan Hartung and German blogger Peter Praschl notice the same article by Todd Gitlin, “Blaming America First?“, in Mother Jones. The piece more or less recycles an article Gitlin wrote for, which I mentioned last year (Welch noticed it first, go there for the link). Hartung and Praschl both have good comments. I assume most of you will need more help with Praschl’s, which are:

Myopia in the name of the weak is as myopic as myopia in the name of the strong. “Blaming America First” is a an article that is often quite engaging about hypocrisy, logical and moral inconsistencies, and the like in anti-American positions. And in an accompanying discussion there is a very heated quarrel whether there is such a thing as left-wing fundamentalism.

Translation note: “Kurzsichtigkeit”=”near-sightedness,” not “myopia”; while clinically different (I think), “myopia” scans better, and means the same thing in context.

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