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Denial is a river in Los Angeles

Posted by Thomas Nephew on January 16th, 2002

Ken Layne takes humorous issue with my pet peeve about poor linking habits, calling me an “evil subhuman” and suggesting I be dunked in molten butter. That’s OK; the story about Matt was worth it. Ken also makes full use of editorial license in failing to inform readers that I had foreseen his “LGF is always about Saudi Arabia” dodge. That’s OK, too. But Ken is still in denial: it appears that he clicks links and then copies the address he sees displayed, thinking in his savage, left coast, “testosterone-drenched” way that he’s workin’ the Internet real good:

Maybe it’s my browser, or Blogger, or something. But I see #8491548 at the bottom of my browser when I click that link … and it doesn’t show up when the archive deal loads up. I blame Penny.

Close, grasshopper: Blame Blogspot. For Blogspot-served addresses such as Damian Penny’s, Tim Blair’s, and others, doing this does not give a correct address for the link. The address displayed appears to be a function of the server, not the browser; my own superior link to Penny’s sports comment also shows an “anchorless” (no #8491548) address, yet — in glaring contrast to Ken’s link — it actually works.

Instead of copying the address he gets to, young Ken should have copied the property of the link itself, by right-mouse-clicking the link, and then choosing “Copy Shortcut”, and pasting that full link address into the link description (or whatever the word for that is). I use Internet Explorer 5.5; I assume similar commands exist for Netscape users and other unfortunates. In this way, he will attain enlightenment, and save his valued readers time. Again, Ken: just say, “I will consider it.” Live long and prosper.

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