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The real roots of terror

Posted by Thomas Nephew on December 5th, 2001

In The Atlantic Unbound, Jack Beatty writes:

Egypt exports the terrorists the repression produces, but not before its state-dominated media has taught them to blame the misery and backwardness of Arab nations on the U.S. The terrorists then attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We are not a wicked nation but, as long as we subsidize this fated cycle, we are a stupid one. [...]

Instead of taking the war on terror to Iraq, we need to take it to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, terror’s source. We need to reach beyond these autocratic regimes to their peoples.

Any one who’s read Matt Welch, Ken Layne, Glenn Reynolds, Thomas Friedman, Mark Steyn or any of a number of other writers will be familiar with most of the arguments Beatty makes. But Beatty restates the case well. And read on to see who (dare I say characteristically?) sees only faith based thinking — Wahhabite, in this case — where most of us would merely see intolerance and hatemongering. That’s a blind spot we can’t afford any more.

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