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In memoriam

Posted by Thomas Nephew on September 28th, 2001

The World Trade Center: Before, During, and After is a picture portfolio published by the New Yorker. (You’ll need Acrobat). I don’t care what architects thought: the Trade Center was beautiful. I hope they rebuild something like it there, or something else that is brave and large and grand.

The other thing: those pictures of the missing. There’s a place in the Holocaust Museum where there is a wall full of pictures of people from (one town?) that was wiped out in the Holocaust. A memorial, when one is built, might make some kind of copy of each of those missing posters, and attach it to that sail-like remnant of the Trade Center that was hauled off intact for a purpose like this.

Another use might be as “signature propaganda,” not that all of the families involved might approve: make postage stamp size versions of each missing person photo, and include all 7,000 pictures in payloads dropped with every bomb in Afghanistan.

I suppose the first idea was better. But the second one is how I feel.

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